Electronic bonus card

Smart Wallet

increases revenue by 20% due to communication with the guest base

helps to take feedback after the visit and order delivery

turns one-time clients into regular

talks about gifts, accumulated points and promotions

communicates with guests on WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook

Who will benefit from Smart Wallet implementation
delivery services with a base from 10,000 clients
establishments with attendance from 100 people per day
mini-coffee shops to go and  chain cafes
beauty salons, fitness clubs, car dealerships, private clinics, etc.
Smart Wallet will help you implement or strengthen your loyalty program and increase your revenue by 20-30% - even without a full-time marketer.
Guests receive personalized offers, order one-click delivery, spend bonuses and return to the establishment

Guests scan the QR code, enter their contacts and save the electronic card to their phone.
Gradually, the entire base of guests is digitized and revives due to regular communication.
A bot developed by marketers talks about gifts and promotions, conducts interactive games, and collects reviews.
How the card
Smart Wallet bot
Examples of communication with guests through
Smart Wallet bot
Examples of communication with guests through
We will use the most effective communication channel.
SMS mailing
email newsletters and push notifications
Compare conversion:
We implement Smart Wallet in 3-5 days
We discuss your tasks and, in accordance with them, select the optimal tariff.
We connect the institution to the automation system or set up an existing one.
We select mechanics for the loyalty program, agree on gifts and promotions with you.
We set up automatic communication chains, if desired, we adapt the bot messages to your tone-of-voice.
We design the card in your corporate style, prepare table-tents and other materials with a QR code for downloading the card.
We train staff to work with the card.
Once a week, we send you a detailed report on how many guests have issued a card, used special offers and bonuses. You can see how this affects revenue.
What is the cost
per month
Guests receive push notifications only

Integration of the card and setting up the POS system

Mockups of advertising materials with a QR code
Card SW
per month
Integration of the card and setting up the POS system

Mockups of advertising materials with a QR code

Setting up 5 standard communications in the bot

Account manager and weekly reports
Card SW + communication in the bot
Integration of the card and setting up the POS system

Mockups of advertising materials with a QR code

Development of a unique brand hero and its tone-of-voice in accordance with the concept of the institution

Creation and configuration of 8 unique communications in the bot on behalf of the brand hero

Additional promotions and mechanics of the loyalty program

Account manager and weekly reports
Card SW + communication from the hero of the brand
The bot communicates with the guests on a regular basis - in messengers that are convenient for them
A virtual hero of the brand, created to match the style and atmosphere of your institution, communicates with the guests
Our cases
+ 30% to current revenue from guests participating in the loyalty system.
We analyzed the data of guests: the number of visits per month, the average bill, the revenue brought to the restaurant. Based on the analysis, 6 ranks were identified.

We came up with the conditions that guests must fulfill in order to get a higher rank, and bonuses for each of them.

We connected Smart Wallet and created an appropriate communication in the bot, which tells guests about the ranks and motivates them to increase theirs.
Raised the revenue of the PAR lounge cafe network by 30%
+ 67 working hours and
+ 145 thousand rubles per month, as well as minus queues.

Cashiers issued plastic cards manually - 2 minutes for each guest. With a download of 2000 guests per month, that's 67 hours. Taking into account the rate of employees and the cost of issuing plastic cards, this is 20 thousand rubles per month. Plus the cost of the mailing service: to manually send one SMS to a database of 40,000 guests, you need more than 140 thousand rubles.

With the Smart Wallet card for 15,000 rubles a month and free mailings in messengers, we freed cashiers' time, removed items of expenditure from the budget, and the efficiency of working with the database only increased.
Saved over 145,000 rubles for a chain of 10 establishments
Tell us about your task, and we will select the optimal tariff
Answering questions

How does the Wallet Card work?
The card is stored in wallet wallets, for iOS it is Apple Wallet, and for Android it is Google Pay. Smart Wallet displays the guest's balance on the account in the CRM system.
How does the automatic communication with the guest work?
When a guest registered in the bot is assigned a category in the CRM system, he receives a message. A trigger can be a visit by a guest in person, or pre-configured periodic conditions - for example, a birthday or reaching a certain rank.
What else can a bot do?
The bot can help the guest to book a table, order delivery, take a review about the institution, find out the number of points on the card, a description of the loyalty program and current promotions, announce your events. The bot is activated after certain events: for example, it writes to the guest with a request to leave a review immediately after the visit.
What do you need to start?

  • Login / password of your CRM system, if any

  • CRM API login / password

  • Brand book or corporate identity

If you do not have a CRM system or a brand book, this is not critical, we have an action plan in this regard.

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