Electronic card in the guest's phone proactively increasing his loyalty
Gathers feedback after visits
Sends mailings in all messengers
Connects to any system
100% replaces plastic cards
Implemented in 3 days
Helps to:
The guest will receive a card of his favorite institution in the phone in one moment
Marketer increase conversion by 70% when sending messages to the guest base
For the manager to increase the effect of shares by 35%
For the owner to reduce the cost of plastic by 100%
Marketer get feedback immediately after the guest's visit
We have created

smart waller, which:
Installed in an electronic wallet via QR in 1 min
Communicates with the guest in
any messenger:
Connects stocks from all systems

Will send automatically
regular performance reporting to the manager
Launches 8 Effective Communication Mechanics
A fixed number of points for the first order and a gift / compliment for the second order within a month.
Increased cashback / discount / gift for an order within a specified period before / after the birthday.
If the guest has not visited the establishment for a long time for a long time, he will receive a gift / compliment for the next order.
Have not been for a long time
A guest who visits the establishment often, for an order that follows the average number of orders per month from regular guests, will receive a gift / compliment.

Regular guests
During hours with the least occupancy, the guest for the order will receive an increased cashback / gift.
Happy Hours (business lunch)
The guest invites a friend, after registering in the loyalty system of the institution and visiting, both receive a gift / compliment.
Bring a friend
When ordering with a large check, the guest will receive a gift / compliment.
After visiting the establishment, the guest is invited to leave a review and receive a gift / compliment.

Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
How much
does it costs?
  • mechanics of digitization
  • electronic wallet card
  • autochains and customization in the loyalty program for 3 mechanics to choose from
  • Implementation cost: 9 900 ₽Maintenance cost: 1 450 ₽ / institution per month.
  • mechanics of digitization
  • electronic wallet card
  • autochains and customization in the loyalty program for 5 mechanics to choose from + 2 individual (mechanics that we do not have + their update once a quarter
Implementation cost: 24 990 ₽
Maintenance cost: 3 490 ₽ / institution per month.
Be one step ahead
We improve our product every week
Implementation and economic benefits
We consider the economic effect of cooperation and are working to enhance it
Team and processes
We bring people together in communities and capitalize them
We develop our team and regularly improve our business processes
Questions we
have already answered:
How does Wallet Card work?
Wallet card is stored in Wallet wallets, for iOS - Apple Wallet, and for Android - Google Pay. The wallet card does not store bonus points, but displays the guest's balance on the iiko.Card account.
What do you need to start?
To launch, we need to get access and materials for creating a design.

Iiko.card login / password (for setting up triggers for auto messages) API login / password (the bot will be able to make requests to iiko, it is necessary for bots and Wallet cards to work) VK community API key (bot acts on behalf of the community)
    What if I don't have iiko or separate tools?
    Leave your contact and our manager will advise you on the cost of connecting to another POS system or connecting add-ons
    What is included in the training?
    The training includes the creation of training materials-instructions for working with chat bots, wallet cards and marketing campaigns, as well as online training for staff
    What is included in the maintenance cost?
    • Placement and functioning of chat bots.
    • Placing a wallet card on hosting and functioning in the near future
    • Functioning of auto messages.
    • Automatic user registration in iiko.Card
    • Providing a weekly report on issued cards Improvement of growth zones (adaptation for different wallets, phone firmware, peculiarities of working with wallet with the iikoCard system, etc.
    What are digitizing points?
    To participate in the loyalty and communication program, guests need to digitize in the system. To do this, you need to place the QR code for registration at convenient points of contact with the guest. These points can be: placemats, table tents, website, social networks, menus, QR stickers, etc.
    How does communication take place?
    When a guest registered in the bot is assigned a category in iiko.card, he receives a message. A trigger can be either a visit by a guest in person or periodic conditions pre-configured in iiko.card
    What additional functions does the bot have?
    The bot can help the guest to book a table, order delivery, leave a review about the institution, find out the number of points on the card, a description of the loyalty program and current promotions, announce your events.
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