We solve the issue of low revenue by putting a smart qr-code on the tables and selling big name brands adverts. In a month, the revenue can be increased by up to 1000$ in the net

More than 100 partners
suitable for your target audience and ready to pay for advertising
Integration and the ability to choose to connect more than 50 digital services for guests
Digital menu, tips, loyalty system, feedback, etc.
You earn money from advertising, and your guests have fun and receive personalized offers
85% of the guests who entered the QR code clicked on the affiliate link and brought income

How it works?
Guest scans the qr-code
Sees the menu of services and entertainments
Receives the information from the restaurant or its partners
Uses inner services
You receive income for the guest's interest or actions
Feedback from our customers:
Thank you very much!
With the help of SQR, we began to receive income in one week, and we also increased the issuance of loyalty cards by 15%.
Retention rate has also increased due to personal offers from our sponsors!
Lounge Cafe, Saint-Petersburg
Firstly, with the help of SmartQR, the first profit was received 8 days after the launch.
Secondly, with the help of SQR, we have increased the issuance of loyalty cards by 12%.
Thirdly, we have also increased the number of subscribers on social networks.
Thank you for helping restaurants in earning money in such difficult times!
One More Pub
Authentic pub chain, Moscow
Activate it today to increase your revenue tomorrow!
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